Inauguration Eve

We got our tickets. We got our ponchos. We set our alarm. We haven’t spotted anyone famous… Yet. Tomorrow will be historic and no matter the politics you have to acknowledge that. Walking around the city is like being a part of history. Since there will be so many people in one confined small space, I don’t know if I will be posting during the event. Any video or pictures will be put on my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages. You can search for me using the username baldmisery. We are going to the parade after the ceremony. I’m so … Continue reading Inauguration Eve

Inauguration Facts: the 2017 Event

What do we know about this one so far? Well, not much. As one who is going I am a little frustrated by the lack of information especially since I am not as familiar with DC as some people. I’ve been there four times and two of them my brother zipped me around. He could have dropped me off and I would still be wandering the streets. The last time I was there before he died I got dropped off by Uber, my first one!, at the Lincoln Memorial. 16,000 steps later I found myself at the Archives. I figured … Continue reading Inauguration Facts: the 2017 Event

Inauguration Facts: The Weird and the What?? 1901-2012

I think it’s so interesting that we take all this for granted. We tweet about what’s going on and make these memes all the while making fun of the president and the institution called our government. We have such reverence for the original GW and Honest Abe that we forget they were just men. We also waste nothing in our pursuit to satirize the latest presidents. We make pilgrimages to Mount Vernon and honor our dead at Arlington Cemetery. We certainly don’t do that for any living president. I suppose you can’t be a prophet in your own time. Maybe … Continue reading Inauguration Facts: The Weird and the What?? 1901-2012

#EdublogsClub #2 My Classroom

Classrooms are a very personal space. Luckily, I teach in a district that allows us the freedom to do what we want, within reason, to our space. Years ago I painted my walls to match my eyes. I then painted quotes on the walls. I had a student tell me once that being in my room was like reading a book. You couldn’t help but read the walls, he said.  If I am going to spend the majority of my time in a room, it helps to be  able to make it my own. I also started making covers for … Continue reading #EdublogsClub #2 My Classroom

Inauguration Facts: The Weird and the What?? 1789-1900

To get ready for the inauguration trip, I plan to write some posts about different aspects of the whole event. The first one being oddities about the different inaugurations. Not all of them are worth mentioning and some of them are packed with the weird. So, let’s get started. Did you know a president-elect only has to take an oath of 35 words to become president? None of the other stuff is necessary. Starting with Washington, no less than five presidents used the word, “pecuniary” in their inaugural address. What is that word? What does it have to do with … Continue reading Inauguration Facts: The Weird and the What?? 1789-1900

#EdublogsClub 1: My Blog Story

So I started this blog years ago. I’ve used it in the classroom with my students, to post conference presentations, and to put my musings. I wanted it to be a place to talk about my experiences as a teacher but it always seemed as if life got in the way. I joined #EdublogsClub to give me more purpose. If I can make it a habit, then I will find the time to write. I’ve been an English teacher for 28 years. My kids tell me I should write a book about it. I just want to help other teachers … Continue reading #EdublogsClub 1: My Blog Story

I’m Going to the Inauguration!!!

On behalf of Congressman Bruce Westerman, I am pleased to confirm that you have been allotted 2 tickets to attend the 58th Presidential Inaugural Swearing-in Ceremony taking place in Washington, DC on January 20th, 2017.   I live in Arkansas. I am an average American living the dream of a mortgage and two kids in college and thankfully one who’s made it out. I am an English teacher and my husband is a salesman. We have put all of our resources into our children… and all the animals that wander into our yard. (We live in an obvious “drop off … Continue reading I’m Going to the Inauguration!!!

I Am the Ben Affleck of Teaching

Ok. Maybe the more correct title of this blog should be “I am the Zack Snyder’s Batman of Teaching” but this one seems to flow off the tongue better. Before I get into the whys of it, I want to give a brief response to the movie, Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice. There may be spoilers but in my opinion if you haven’t seen it by now, you won’t. Also, this is my OPINION. It only applies to me. I read everything I could get my hands on before I saw the film a week after it came out. … Continue reading I Am the Ben Affleck of Teaching

I Started a Makerspace… and Had the Whole World Laughing

If you grew up in my house, you were making all sorts of stuff. My kids had been making since they could hold the marker. I think makerspaces are long overdue.It’s all the rage and I am jumping on the bandwagon, too. I facilitate a program called EAST. The students get to decide what they want to learn/study/fix/create etc. The problem is most of them have no idea what to do. Last year I did STEM experiments with them and planned to expand it but trusting them with it did not go as I thought. So, I decided to start to … Continue reading I Started a Makerspace… and Had the Whole World Laughing

Why Videos Are Driving Everything

So, I was listening to Fox News Sunday in the car and the segment that caught my ear was about how Good Morning America seems to be using viral videos to drive their news segments. (I wish I could find evidence of that segment. Believe me I’ve tried.) The argument was GMA is winning the ratings war with less than traditional news worthy content. (Here is a link about ratings.) I think his name was Jay from the Baltimore Sun kept asking why… why is GMA doing it? and why are George and Robin talking about the tiny hamster eating … Continue reading Why Videos Are Driving Everything