#EdublogsClub #2 My Classroom

Classrooms are a very personal space. Luckily, I teach in a district that allows us the freedom to do what we want, within reason, to our space. Years ago I painted my walls to match my eyes. I then painted quotes on the walls. I had a student tell me once that being in my room was like reading a book. You couldn’t help but read the walls, he said. 

If I am going to spend the majority of my time in a room, it helps to be  able to make it my own. I also started making covers for my door. I get a theme for the year and make it happen. Last year was Dune, my favorite book. This year it’s Doctor Who, a favorite tv show. 

I like my space to be open. I arrange the desks in pods. With these pods students can do group work. 

I stay organized by using Google!! I make a folder for everything. I share that folder with my students, other teachers, parents, whoever needs access to the info. The more transparent I can be the better. My organization skills improved dramatically when I was yearbook adviser (9 years!). You have to think ahead to produce a book worth reading.

My advice to anyone about being organized is to make it digital. Create a system that works to tag it and put it in something social. By social I mean accessible from the internet. This way you can get it anywhere anytime anyway.

My second piece of advice is to use sticky notes. Write it down. Stick it up. Do it. Take it down. You won’t remember it. Sticky notes.

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