#EdublogsClub 1: My Blog Story

So I started this blog years ago. I’ve used it in the classroom with my students, to post conference presentations, and to put my musings. I wanted it to be a place to talk about my experiences as a teacher but it always seemed as if life got in the way. I joined #EdublogsClub to give me more purpose. If I can make it a habit, then I will find the time to write.

I’ve been an English teacher for 28 years. My kids tell me I should write a book about it. I just want to help other teachers learn from my mistakes and my triumphs.

Mistake #1: Quit procrastinating. I am so bad at it and it seems I get worse ever year. I will put it off until the very last minute. My excuse is I need to let it stew in my head, which I really believe I do, but I don’t need the stew to overcook. Once I put it down, I have practically no edits. That’s all excuses too. Don’t do what I do. Spend an extra 20 minutes getting whatever done. Then, on Sunday night you can watch The Walking Dead and not keep thinking that you will be a zombie yourself because you stayed up late finishing something that could have already been completed.


6 thoughts on “#EdublogsClub 1: My Blog Story

  1. While I don’t necessarily procrastinate as you discuss, I do think that stewing process is important. I start with plenty of time to prepare for a presentation and like the process of handwritten drafts planning both the words as well as the visuals. I like seeing my six to eight “drafts” and feel confident and ready to present to the point that I know exactly what I need to say.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Welcome to #EdublogsClub.

    Getting into that habit of writing regularly can be tough because, as you say, life does get in the way. When I was teaching, I used to stay at school for an extra half hour at least once a week and do my blogging then. I might have jotted down ideas throughout the week but that was my blogging time at a minimum for that week.

  3. I’m like Alicia. I don’t necessarily procrastinate but some of my posts can take days to write because I’ll stop/start as I evolve the idea of how I’m trying to say what I want to say. But all my drafts are written in my dashboard.

    But I can procrastinate starting a post!

    Did I mention I have a zombie phoba? My son’s think it is hilarious but I go into hiding where I can’t even hear the zombie sounds when they watch Walking Dead (which is on Monday’s here in Australia).

  4. I SO relate to people who procrastinate. I have even wondered if I need to “see” someone about it. I always get done whatever it is that I’m procrastinating doing, but the agony I put myself through is not worth it. I had a professor tell me that some people need the panic and adrenalin rush in order to do their best and that’s what’s going on. I don’t know but I like you already —- misery loves company!!

  5. I have really never looked at it as a sickness. I need it to swim a bit in my head. I have always seen the positive. It’s like another trait of mine. Some people think I am judgemental and bossy. I don’t. I am a great judge of character and a born leader.

  6. My father-in-law was a knife and gun collector. When he died, there were a lot of weapons to deal with. He had eight bayonets. I told my mother-in-law not to get rid of them. The zombie apocalypse was coming and those would come in handy.

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